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FLETC trainer in jail for assault on wife and girlfriend

According to county police Jack Bonner, deputy assistant director of training for U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement at FLETC, was arrested on Feb. 6 on one felony charge and four misdemeanors after allegedly assaulting his wife and his girlfriend. According to reports, on Feb. 4 police were called to the Marshes of Mackay residence of a woman listed as Bonner’s girlfriend. They were met by the girlfriend and Bonner’s wife. The Bonner home is behind the girlfriend’s home. The girlfriend told police she and Bonner had been drinking on Jekyll Island and began arguing after they arrived at her house. The report states Bonner hit the girlfriend, attempted to remove her clothes and took her phone when she tried to call police. He also apparently fired his gun toward a piece of furniture.  At this time Mrs. Bonner came into the bedroom and said she saw Bonner’s hands around the girlfriend’s neck and holding a gun to her head. Bonner remains in the Glynn County Detention Center pending a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Feb. 15.

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