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GA Senate approves new political district maps

The Georgia Senate approved new political district maps Tuesday, securing the chamber’s Republican majority while allowing minor inroads by Democrats in a closely divided state. The Senate map, drawn by the chamber’s Republican leadership, solidifies GOP control while allowing one additional Democratic-leaning district as Georgia’s population has grown by 1 million residents since 2010. There are currently 34 Republicans and 22 Democrats in the state Senate. Tuesday’s 34-21 vote along party lines is the most significant step yet in redrawing Georgia’s district boundaries during the once-a-decade redistricting process. Democrats tried unsuccessfully to push maps drawn by their caucus to substitute for the proposal presented by Republicans, but they didn’t file the legislation correctly so it couldn’t be considered. Democrats didn’t include the district demographic data that the Senate’s rules required to be filed with their legislation. Approval of the state’s 56 Senate districts, each with over 191,000 residents, puts them on a rapid path toward final approval by the state House as soon as this week. Proposals to redraw Georgia’s 14 congressional seats and 180 House seats will soon follow.

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