Literary Guild, Libraries, volunteers thank Bruce Rumage

Board members of the Literary Guild of St. Simons Island and Friends of the Brunswick / Glynn Public Library along with volunteers who worked the book sales over the years recently bid farewell to Bruce and Page Rumage as they prepare to leave St. Simons Island. Bruce was presented with a citation thanking him for his many years and estimated one-third million dollars donated to the SSI Public Library over the past decade and a half. Bruce will remain on the board until his term ends in December. Husband-wife team, George and Eleanor Ragsdale, will take over for Bruce. Bruce’s collection team, Lanny Hoyle, Nick Shorey, and Jim Ritter will remain on the job. We hope the many faithful volunteers at sale time will also remain to continue our successful sales.

From left: Page Rumage, Bruce Rumage and Nancy Matthews, Literary Guild President.

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