County, DNR team up for quick fix at Gould’s Inlet

 Last week, at the urging of Islands County Commissioner Peter Murphy (Dist. 2), Glynn’s Public Works Department spent about $500 for materials and built steps from the old Gould’s Inlet boardwalk down to the beach. Public Works Director Dave Austin worked with Spud Woodward and Carl Burgess of the Dept. of Natural Resources to expedite the process and get the steps built in time for the long Independence Day weekend. Murphy said it needed to be done so people can get to what is some of the nicest beach on the island without climbing over the rocks. Murphy stressed that the steps are a temporary fix while a long term solution goes through the DNR permitting process.
At 7:45 Sunday morning the Inlet beach was already a popular place with visitors. The two vacationers going up the steps are from Chicago with their families renting a large house on 15th St., East Beach. It is their first trip to St. Simons. They were impressed when they learned the story behind the new steps and glad they didn’t have to climb over the rocks.

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